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SiG MT 91 TO YOUR HEALTH Benefis Health Systems • What does a great workday look like for you? A great workday is comprised of visiting and working with women of all ages, and with both new and old faces. is includes presence in the community, the Benefis Women's Health clinic, labor and delivery room, and operating room. • How does your Master of Public Health degree complement your medical practice? While I love one-on-one personal relationships and the care I provide in the clinic, my background in public health motivates me to reach out into the community to promote preventive care, including the HPV vaccination, birth control, STI testing, and other critical women's health needs. • Why are you particularly passionate about gynecological care, including adolescent and pediatric care? As a young adult I had an abnormal pap smear, and the related procedures and visits made me scared to go to my GYN provider. I felt as though things weren't well explained, especially the speculum exam, which caused both emotional and physical trauma. Ultimately, this ended up motivating me to provide the care I think I deserved, and to create a comfortable and informed environment for my patients. • How has becoming a mom influenced the care you give pregnant and postpartum patients? ere are some things you can't fully understand until you have experienced them yourself, which for me included the fourth trimester (also known as postpartum period). I am now telling patients to put their tucks pads in the fridge to treat achy booms and to encourage friends/family to make lactation cookies, because these are just a couple of things that helped me during that critical and wonderful time. • As a new provider in Montana, have you found a lot of overlap in patients' questions and issues compared to where you've worked previously? ere is both overlap and difference in patient needs in Montana versus North Carolina. One of the main areas I am trying to target is screening for depression during wellness exams, especially during the cold and dark winter months. I am hopeful that women will share with me if they are suffering from a depressed mood and seek the care they deserve. • As a physician with a demanding schedule, how do you choose to enjoy your time outside of work? Over the summer, I love going to the Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to get coffee and walk around with my family. During colder months, I look forward to ski season and the holidays. We also have two dogs and I find great joy spending time with them, and a yard that I enjoy working in with hopes to have my own garden. • What would you say to a patient who is nervous about seeking obstetric or gynecological care? I understand because I was once in your shoes. I can guarantee my team will do our best to create a comfortable environment, keep you up-to- date on recommended healthcare screenings and assessments, and empower you to take control of your care. Dr. Lindsay Conner Teaches Mindful Practices that Nurture the Self, Mind, Body and Others. Compassionate Health Care Starts with Self-Care Dr. Lindsay Conner is an obstetrician/gynecologist at Benefis Health System who specializes in minimally invasive surgery, prenatal assessments, infertility, menopause, and pediatric and adolescent gynecological care. With an understanding that women oen put the needs of others before their own, Dr. Conner encourages patients to give themselves the aention and compassion they deserve. S MT

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