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June 2019

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2019 6 Moe Lastfogel Moe's Musings Views Happy Retailing, T he quick-and-dirty way to find out is to ask how you can help, then trot out the standard solution and make a quick one-shot sale. But if your goal is to create a long-term relationship, you'll need to take the next step. While traveling around the world, I've identified three sales approaches that deliver increasing levels of success. • First is the Yes Guy. "Yes, we have that, let me ring it up for you." They might offer the customer an extended warranty, but "yes and thank you" is about as far as their imagination will take them. What's to discuss? A sale is a sale. • Second is the Method Guy. He'll invite the customer to look at various options and accessories that might add value. Maybe he'll mention delivery and installation and ask if there's anything else he can help with. It's a step in the right direction, but how far has "working the sale" really taken Mr. Method toward letting the customer know he's on their side? • The big winner when it comes to sustained, long-term sales success is the third sales approach: the Customer's Friend. He's genuinely interested in learning about their needs. He'll ask how they'll be using the product, and whether they've owned previous models, and if they were satisfied. Maybe they came in because they're really desperate for advice. Maybe they've heard good words about you, and maybe they want to avoid the big, impersonal warehouse outlet. Maybe they've heard that you're an expert who takes a genuine interest in your customers. In sales, nothing is more satisfying, and fun, than making repeat customers. And it isn't complicated or hard – all you have to do is genuinely care and let them know it. THREE KINDS OF SALES What's your customer really looking for? We proudly support the following trade associations and buying groups throughout North America whose news and information greatly contribute to the quality of The Retail Observer and the education of our readers. THE RETAIL Follow us on: Join us at: Become a Fan:

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