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Show Stoppers MULTI-LAYER FILTER ELEMENTS Filtration Group's fi lter elements with PulseShield compression sleeve secures the pleated star fi rmly to the inner core and guarantees uniform pleat separation for the life of the fi lter element. The PulseShield compression sleeve combined with up to three Premium Select fi berglass layers increases the dirt holding capacity by as much as 30% in comparison to conventional fi lter elements. Filtration Group 800-838-0900 FUEL AND OIL FILTER SYSTEMS Harvard's state-of- the-art fuel and oil fi lter systems (also referred to as oil purifi ca- tion systems) have the ability to remove particles below the fi lm thickness (that is, less than three to fi ve microns) under pressure. This exceeds the fi ltration capabilities of most oil fi lter manu- facturers. At this level, it's not even referred to as "oil fi ltering," but oil polishing. Harvard Corporation 608-882-6330 1 2 1 Product Buzz This year's Show Stoppers feature a wide variety of technologies and products from the exhibit-hall floor. While some items are new and others are marketplace fi xtures, all of these products share a common theme: They all enable professionals to do their jobs more effi ciently and effectively. 2 LASER SYSTEM Know your machine from every angle with Easy-LaserĀ® XT770. Align to ANSI tolerances, measure mis- alignment of horizontal and vertical machines including soft foot, unlimited machine trains, track machine movement like thermal growth and pipe strain plus document alignment results. The XT770 gives you the freedom to perform shaft and belt alignment with ease and precision with tablets, phones or XT11 display. LUDECA, INC. 305-591-8935 3 3

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