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www . | May - June 2019 | 31 OIL ANALYZER FOR INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY With four simple tests, the MiniLab 153 delivers comprehen- sive on-site oil analysis, providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs. This one product can deliver lab-quality analysis outside of the lab with simplifi ed workflow for the non-expert user, so no chemist is required. Simplifi ed data handling and report interpretation are provided via OilView™ and Trivector reporting. AMETEK Spectro Scientifi c 978-431-1120 4 4 5 SIGHT GLASS/BS&W BOWL The Bowl from Luneta can serve as both a sight glass and bottom sediment and water (BS&W) bowl. Made of impact-re- sistant Tritan, it is engineered to be stronger than other drain-port sight glasses, as well as crystal clear and chemically resistant. The contoured design allows for immediate visual inspection of oil along with early detection of potential contamination problems like water and sediment. The Bowl's magnetic drain plug also protects machinery by attracting wear particles to the bottom, proactively preventing machine failure and enabling a thorough drain of contaminants. Luneta 888-742-2021 5 6 EXPANDED FILTER ELEMENT CROSS REFERENCE Swift Filters, Inc. recently added an expanded, interactive industrial fi lter element cross reference to its website. The cross reference allows customers to quickly fi nd the Swift-Fit™ replacement fi lter element, which is functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with a specifi c OEM fi lter. The new web-enabled service also features more than 200 fi lter element manufacturers and fi lter brands comprising more than 200,000 fi lter entries. Swift Filters, Inc. www.swiftfi 440-735-0995 6

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