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34 | May - June 2019 | www . Are your lubrication t a sk route s opt i- mized? To many, the idea of a task route might seem simple and straight- forward. Can't you just create a list of machines that need to be lubricated? What else is there to consider? If everything is designed correctly and managed routinely, when it comes time to perform the lubrication route, it should be quite simple. However, before that state of lubrication excellence can exist, some preliminary work is required. W hile creating lubric ation routes from scratch can be over- whelming, working from something that has been poorly created or is in disarray and full of uncertainty may be worse. As you assemble the miscellaneous lubrication require- ments for your machines, sequence the intervals when they need to be completed, ensure manpower is available to perform the tasks and keep track of everything that must be documented, the complexity quickly emerges. Fortunately, the design of lubri- cation task routes can be optimized when a few key prerequisites are established. For instance, there must be a set of lubrication task plans. is means having a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be done and how often. It should include details for each type of lubrication activity, the machines that require it, the necessary tools, etc. ere must also be a routinely optimized schedule of activity. is provides information on when routes should be scheduled, when on-con- dition activities should be triggered and which lubrication technician is qualifi ed to perform each task. In addition, there must be a management system. For most, this means some sort of computer-based data management system that has the capability to organize routes and machine details, defi ne machine groups, and off er sequencing and optimizing tools. Another prerequisite would be for the machine to be equipped to allow best-practice lubrication activities. is may involve installing inspection devices, sample ports, quick connects, etc. The individua l performing the tasks, such as the lubrication technician, must also be qualifi ed How to Design Lubrication Task Routes The design of lubrication task routes can be optimized when a few key prerequisites are established." " Lubrication Programs LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation

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