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Lubrication Programs AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation Machinery Lubrication Engineer Is Now a Professional Certifi cation I'm proud to say that the Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) certification has arrived. Now, through studying and testing, qualifi ed candidates can earn the right to hold this pres- tigious title. Unlike other exams and certifi cations related to lubrication and lubricant analysis, the MLE stands alone as the highest profes- sional designation in our industry. It also has a more holistic purpose. Let me explain. Many know that the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) was organized to serve practitioners in the lubrication fi eld, especially maintainers of lubricated mechanical machinery. So, it makes sense that the MLE would have a similar focus and purpose. Perhaps the best way to describe the profi le of those whom the ICML targets for MLE certifi cation is to look at the 35 subject-matter experts and volunteers who toiled for years to bring it to life. ese individuals are the thought leaders and trusted advisors who have helped guide the ICML as well as the larger global lubrication community. You might say they are "real- world" lubrication and reliability experts. Their knowledge is not limited to books, scientifi c research, mathematical models, tribology journals or formulation chemistry. Instead, they are hands-on profes- sionals who practice in their fi eld, who have learned more from experi- ence than theory and who focus more on the practical than the abstract. I mentioned holistic because the ICML committee assembled a body of knowledge (BoK) for the MLE that goes beyond traditional lubri- cant and lubrication subjects. Like other certifi cations, the MLE BoK consists of the topics that must be mastered to become certifi ed. Yes, there is a need for solid competency related to lubricants and lubrication. What is not needed, though, is deep technical knowledge that falls outside the maintenance and reli- ability plant-environment workplace. Furthermore, lubrication co-min- gles with numerous companion reliability and asset management subjects. It should not be separated from the many tasks and functions "Unlike other exams and certifi cations related to lubrication and lubricant analysis, the MLE stands alone as the highest professional designation in our industry." 2 | May - June 2019 | www .

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