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BOOKSTORE Welcom e to M a c h i n e r y Lu b ri catio n's B ook s tore, de sign e d to sp otlight lubric ation - relate d b ook s . For a complete lis ting of b ook s of intere s t to lubric ation profe s sionals , c h e c k o u t t h e B o o k s t o r e a t s t o r e . n o r i a . co m . Keep Our Machines Clean Poster Home Sweet Home Poster Use the Correct Oil Poster Machinery Lubrication I Study Pack See page 51 for the next scheduled training class. ack ass. • Flash Card Pack • 125-question Practice Exam • How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam • Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide • Oil Analysis Basics • e Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication Lubrication for Industry – Second Edition Aut hor: Kennet h E . Bannister This book provides a f u nd a ment a l u nder- standing of how and why eff ective lubrication practices are an essen- tial aspect of industrial equipment maintenance. Written for maintenance managers and practi- tioners, it focuses on the practical daily aspects of lubrication that impact productivity and includes 10 case studies that emphasize the importance of developing and implementing long-term solutions. How to Select a Motor Oil and Filter for Your Car or Truck Author: Jim Fitch Publisher: Noria Corporation Before spending any more money on oil changes, synthetic oils, premium fi lters, engine fl ushes or oil treatments, learn what leading lubrication expert Jim Fitch recommends. With these sound recommendations, you'll know exactly what to do next time you change your oil — for about the price of an oil change. Maintenance, Replacement, and Reliability: Theory and Applications — Second Edition Authors: Andrew Jardine, Albert Tsang Based on the results of real-world research, this book focuses on data- driven tools for a sset management decisions. It provides a solid foundation for various tools that can be used to optimize key maintenance/replacement/reliability decisions while presenting cases that illustrate the application of these tools in a variety of settings, such as food processing, petrochemical, steel and pharmaceutical industries. Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings Author: Piet M. Lugt is defi nitive book on the science of grease lubrica- tion for roller and needle be a r i n g s i n i ndu st r ia l and vehicle engineering provides an over view of the existing knowledge on the various aspects of grease lubrication (including lubrication systems) and the state-of-the-art models that exist today. It reviews the physical and chem- ical aspects of grease lubrication, primarily directed toward lubrication of rolling bearings. www . | May - June 2019 | 43

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