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44 | May - June 2019 | www . ICML Introduces New Certification, Asset Management Standards ICML 55 spells out the tactical require- ments and necessary guidelines to establish, implement, main- tain and improve consistent lubrication management systems and activities. Paul Hiller | ICML TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION e International Council for Machiner y Lubri- cation (ICML) recently announced two new off er- ings at the Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition in Cleve- land, Ohio. First was the ICML 55 standard, which covers management of lubricated mechanical assets. Second was the Machinery Lubri- cation Engineer (MLE) certifi cation aimed at those responsible for the development, implementation and management of lubrication programs. Both promise to change the industrial lubrication landscape. In 2014, when the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the ISO 55000 asset management standard, ICML saw an opportunity to expand upon its ongoing support of machinery lubrication professionals. This is because the standard's requirements document (ISO 55001) described only the big-picture aspects of asset management and did not relate readily to the subset of lubricated assets. Even its predecessor, the widely adopted Publicly Available Specifi cation (PAS 55) published by the British Standards Institution in 2004, had not made any distinction for lubricated assets despite its focus on physical assets. ICML actually quantifi ed this assessment with a scan for keywords relevant to its users. e chart above illustrates that neither the PAS nor ISO standard was ever meant to provide an explicit game plan for organizations to achieve a steady state with lubricated assets. " e ISO 55000 is, at its heart, a methodology to deploy systematic asset care for all kinds of assets," says Mike Johnson, ICML technical contributor. "But as it relates to industrial rotating equipment, the work practices — in order to gain maximum value from the site lubri- cation plan — need to be designed to accommodate operational chal- lenges where the machines operate, and then those practices must be deployed with mind-numbing consistency. is all begs for a highly systematic approach to machine lubrication, which matches well with the spirit of ISO 55000." is is where ICML's opportunity would be realized. L u b r i c a t i o n P r o g ra m s HOW FREQUENTLY DO THE FOLLOWING WORDS APPEAR IN THESE DOCUMENTS? PAS 55-1 (REQUIREMENTS) ISO 55001 (REQUIREMENTS) Condition Monitoring 3 0 Lubrication/Lubricant 0 0 Tribology 0 0 Oil or Grease 0 0 Maintenance 7 1 Inspection 1 0 Reliability/Reliable 1 0 Contamination 0 0 Oil Analysis 0 0

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