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Best Practices for Oil Mist Systems Oil mist systems can aid in the reduction of oil waste generation while improving equipment reliability. e majority of these systems require little maintenance or inspection for hassle-free operation. Read this article on the ML site to fi nd out why it is important to understand the makeup of your system and how it operates when dealing with an oil mist system. Progressive vs. Parallel Automatic Lubrication Systems Access this 4-minute, 10-second video to see a comparison of two of the more common operating principles for automatic greasing systems on mobile equipment. Learn the diff erences between parallel and progressive lube systems, including how each works, their compo- nents, advantages and disadvantages in order to help determine which one best suits your needs. What You Should Consider Before Changing Lubricants Never assume two lubricants are compatible, regard- less of the applicability. While they may be compatible, they should be processed with due diligence before they are allowed to mix. Check out this article on the ML site to understand when you should perform a fl ush to ensure every eff ort has been made to remove all remnants of the previous oil. Lubrication Myth: Relubing Once a Year Is Enough Access this 58-second video to hear why relubing once a year is not enough and why relubrication is necessary to replenish grease in bearings when the current grease breaks down or deteriorates. See how pumping new grease into a bearing helps to fl ush away contamination while the old grease is pushed out, as well as how relubrication intervals can vary based on load, speed, temperature or environ- mental conditions. Determining Oil Evaporation Loss All oils are subject to evaporation loss, some more so than others. In certain circumstances, this can have disas- trous eff ects on your equipment. Discover how to determine the evaporation loss of engine oils and which oils are most susceptible to this phenomenon by reading this article on the ML site. conditions.database and detailed work procedures by reading this article on the ML site. ML MachineryLubrication. com is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrication- related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • Particle Counting - Bottle Sampling vs. Online Counters • Gaps in Your Electric Motor Reliability Program • Debunking the Myth: Food-grade Lubricants Are not Interchangeable with Biodegradable Lubricants • Expert Advice on Lubrication Best Practices Check out the full list of white papers by visiting MachineryLubrication. com and clicking on the "White Papers" link. FEATURED WHITE PAPERS BY THE NUMBERS Find more great ar ticle s and content f rom Machin er y Lubric ation magazin e onlin e. From web exclusive s and indus tr y n ews to vide os , white pap er s , buyer 's guide s and more, ever y thing that relate s to machin er y lubric ation is available now on w w w. M achin er yLubric ation .com . 83 % of lubrication professionals have learned lessons from a machine failure that have led to improved reliability, according to a recent survey at NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM www . | May - June 2019 | 47

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