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N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E A L M O N D B O A R D O F C A L I F O R N I A MAY/JUNE 2019 | ISSUE 3 HOW WE GROW Pay Attention and Get Involved: Water Challenges Ahead It wasn't long ago that conversation around the implementation of state water regulations felt light-years away. And yet those regulations are here now, meaning it's more important than ever that growers tune in to this larger discussion. Page 8 Page 14 Page 18 Read full article on Page 10 Incentives for Low-Dust Harvest Equipment Justine Pitts did her homework prior to purchasing two new low- dust harvesters, educating herself on the benefits of a technology promised to reduce dust and improve orchard health. Meet Josette Lewis, ABC's New Ag Affairs Director When Josette Lewis reflects on her childhood, she fondly remembers watching her mother hand crack almonds and enjoying them with her family on late summer evenings. CASP Achieves New Level of Global Standards The effort to gain more recognition for the California almond industry's continued commitment to sustainability hit a major milestone in early 2018 with the launch of the CASP Supply Chain pilot program.

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