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ORGANIZATION Page 7 As an avid gardener, I relate many of my life experiences to the joy I find in designing and planting a beautiful outdoor space. When I reflect upon my career in the ICT industry, I naturally frame my thoughts in terms of my gardening passion. One of the primary rules of gardening is "the right plant for the right place"—but it is possible to optimize a not-so-perfect environment to help the plant reach its true potential. People are the same way, and at times we find ourselves in, perhaps, not the ideal career or personal environment, but with the help of others we can become empowered to not only survive but thrive. Looking back over my career in the ICT industry, I find several points that are especially significant. Obtaining my Registered Communications Distribution Designer ® (RCDD ® ) was the beginning of my success in the industry; it provided instant credibility, recognition and a path of upward mobility. Networking and expanding my knowledge and contacts led to every job opportunity and valuable learning experience I've had over my 20-plus years in the industry—and I received the highest level of contacts and knowledge through BICSI. Establishing a group for Women in BICSI was a dream that I had nurtured for many years. This dream finally gained traction in 2014 when a core group of women met to establish a format to encourage women in the industry to gather together to share their experiences. Since then we've had annual meetings and networking sessions, established a LinkedIn ® page, developed a page on the BICSI website and sponsored a female candidate in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge for the past five years. From all the experiences I have had throughout my career, why are BICSI and the Women in BICSI group so important to me? Primarily because women have always been in the minority in both BICSI and the ICT industry, and we have needed to support one another to achieve our goals. And throughout my years in working in several different industries, I've never encountered the genuine support and lasting friendships that I've received through BICSI. At every major event in my life over the past 20 years, I've experienced incredible support and outreach from BICSI staff, leadership and fellow members. No doubt, you will face many challenges and difficulties as you journey through life, and much of your success will be determined by your attitude and resiliency. None of us can conquer life's obstacles without strong faith, talent and perseverance, and the love and support of friends and colleagues. I honestly cannot think of a better environment to provide so many of those critical elements for success than BICSI. I encourage you to participate as fully as you can in this wonderful group of fellow travelers, and I am confident that your life will be fuller and richer for your efforts. The knowledge, support and networking available through BICSI are the perfect elements to improve your "garden of opportunities" and enable you to bloom where YOU are planted. Submit Your Women in BICSI Message Inspire other women in the ICT industry by submitting a Women in BICSI message for our "More than Words" column. Contact Women in BICSI Chair Michele Neifing at for details. More than Words from Women in BICSI "Bloom Where YOU Are Planted" by Cathy Dunn, RCDD

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