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August 2019

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM AUGUST 2019 14 A re you building an ordinary team, or a high-performance tribe? The desire to belong has tremendous power as a motivator. It can be a potent element for creating happy, satisfied, productive employees who'll contribute dynamically and creatively to your company's long-term success. With millions of exhausted workers just "living for Friday," the workplace, the place we spend most of our time, is too often associated with mental images of drudgery. But what would happen if a company could tap into the deep, hardwired human need for a sense of belonging? Would it revitalize a feeling of job satisfaction among the employees, increasing retention and contributing to the company's success? Employees want more than just a job. They want an opportunity to solve important problems and receive fair pay and benefits in return. While some companies use slick culture-promoting tricks to attract and retain employees, a more meaningful, effective and lasting approach is to foster a sense of belonging. How can you help your employees feel that they belong? In his new book Work Tribes, Shawn Murphy, CEO of WorqIQ and a sought-after speaker on leadership, reveals how leaders can tap the motivational pull of belonging. Based on surprising findings from Murphy's interviews with leaders and employees at major firms such as LinkedIn, The Container Store, Canlis Restaurant, and Barry-Wehmiller, Work Tribes reveals why a human-centered approach is aligned with the way we work in the 21st century. Murphy believes that when you make your employees feel welcomed, wanted, and valued, you'll be astonished by the outcomes. And this important new book will show you how to go about transforming your team into a unified tribe. B O O K R E V I E W WORK TRIBES The Surprising Secret to Breakthrough Performance, Astonishing Results, and Keeping Teams Together Author: Shawn Murphy has more than 25 years of experience as an organizational and culture change practitioner and workshop facilitator. Murphy is the author of The Optimistic Workplace, which Library Journal noted, "sets traditional motivational and management theory on its ear." Murphy was hand-picked to join IBM's elite New Way to Work futurist group and was recently named a "Top 100 Leadership Speaker" by Inc. He has consulted with leading organizations including IBM, Zingerman's, and George Mason University, and has spoken at events such as the Principled Business Leadership Institute, Wellness Workdays, Elevate Summit, Totem Summit, and the Ultimate Culture Conference. Publisher: Harper Collins leadership RO

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