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www . | July - August 2019 | 9 bearing attracts the Southern humidity, working its way into the grease. My fi rst two years witnessed fi ve failures, costing $130,210 in manpower, parts and opportunity. Bearing analysis proved moisture was the root cause. Automatic lubricators were added and used to lubricate and purge moisture from the bearing cavity. After installation of the automatic lubricators, failures ceased to occur. On the same production line, the oven utilizes eight 50-horsepower circulation fans and operates at temperatures up to 600 degrees F. e circulation fans experienced an average of four failures per year. e cost to profi tability totaled $107,787. After installing automatic lubricators, no further failures have occurred. It is important to note that the plant's lubrication excellence program, which will be discussed later, cost $112,000. Elimi- nating these two failures more than paid for the program. Eyes Wide Open Even with a dedicated engineer on each production line, we worked in silos, not sharing best practices. Across the plant on a diff erent production line, a bearing failure was being experienced each week. Realizing we needed to work on lubrication, my supervisor sent me to a lubrication training course, where I witnessed a world-class facility practicing lubrication excellence. Even with the new knowledge, we made no changes. Our focus was near-sighted. Consolidation Several bearing failures led us to the discovery that our grease application was incorrect. In addition, diff erent types of grease were routinely mixed. Testing has shown that most greases aren't compatible, even those from the same soap family. Mixing greases compromises the ability of the base oil, risking machine longevity. By Roger Story, Owens Corning LUBRICATION'S BOTTOM-LINE IMPACT: How Owens Corning Benefi ted from a Transformed Lube Program

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