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www . | July - August 2019 | 21 Th e " Lub e -Tips " se c tion of M a c h i n e r y Lu b ri catio n magazin e feature s innovative ideas submit te d by our rea der s . Selecting the Right Piping When retrofi tting gearboxes for service and fi ltering, consider using stainless- steel piping instead of black iron piping. After a rather short period of time, the inside of the black piping begins crusting and fl aking off into the gear oil, giving false testing results. is is more predominant in high humidity and frequent wash-down areas. ML No-Mess Filter Removal is technique can help you avoid a mess when changing your vehicle's oil and fi lter. Horizontally cut a recycled 2-liter plastic soda-pop bottle in two pieces, about halfway up. Slide either half over the loosened fi lter and spin the fi lter until it is unthreaded and drops off . Hold the cupped fi lter in position for a minute or two to catch any leakage from the fi lter housing before removing. is can eliminate most of the mess, even on a nearly horizontally mounted fi lter. Smoothing Out Bulk Grease After scooping out grease from a bulk container, ensure the top surface of the remaining grease in the container is level. Do not leave the grease surface with pockets or cavities. is will cause bleeding of the base oil from the grease thickener into these zones. In order to use the grease in such a case, the separated oil would need to be worked back by agitation. is should only be attempted if there is no risk of dirt entering the bulk grease during agitation (from the container, tools or grease surface). Slight Vacuum Solves Problem Have you ever threaded in a drain plug not quite right or had the drain plug washer not seat properly but didn't want to drain out all the new oil? For many small-sump machines (gearboxes, etc.), you can apply suction via a shop vac with a clean rag over the fi ll hole. is will create a vacuum, allowing you to momen- tarily remove the drain plug and reinsert a new one with hardly a drop lost. Have Some Tips? Did You Know ? If you have a tip to share, email it to editor@ noria .com . Additional tips c an b e found in our Lub e -Tips email n ewslet ter. To re ceive th e Lub e -Tips n ewslet ter, subscrib e now at M a ch i n e r yLu b ric at io n .co m . LUBE-TIPS

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