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GREASE METERING DEVICE e new Lincoln SLC metering device from SKF was developed for use in single-line lubrication systems to ensure each lube point receives the required amount of lubricant. It features a spring-reset control piston and a modular design for less jointing and decreased risk of leaking. With its compact construction, the SLC is suitable for use in renewable energy, construction and mining applications, as well as when replacing smaller, mid-pressure, dual-line lubrication systems. e delivery volume can be adjusted via regulating screws or set with dosing screws. SKF 267-436-6000 HANDHELD OIL ANALYZERS AMETEK Spectro Scientifi c's new Fluid- Scan mid-infrared spectrometers feature upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms to speed up the oil analysis process. e analyzers can compare spectrum data to a built-in fl uid reference library and provide rapid onsite analysis of in-service lubricants. e FluidScan 1000 Series can be used as a standalone analyzer or as part of a MiniLab Series confi guration. AMETEK Spectro Scientifi c 978-486-0123 SYNTHETIC METAL- WORKING FLUIDS e new SynMAX line of synthetic metalworking fl uids from JTM Products are formulated for machining steel, aluminum and other diffi cult-to-machine alloys. e fl uids employ a unique BioArmor technology to deliver built-in resistance to bacterial growth without bactericides. In addition to a long sump life, they can eliminate staining of sensitive metals as well as surface and vapor-phase corrosion. ree SynMAX coolants are available: 2505 for moderate machining, 2515 for heavy-duty machining and 2525 for severe duty. JTM Products 800-229-6744 GREASE GUN Macnaught's new K32-01 Flexigun is a manual grease gun that incorpo- rates a variable-stroke piston and valve arrangement to facilitate one-handed operation. It is fully serviceable and has a heavy-duty stepped barrel and durable zinc handle for a long service life and improved grip. Engineered for automotive, fl eet, construc- tion, agricultural, mining and industrial applications, the grease gun includes a three-jaw, high-pressure coupler and a 12-inch fl exible extension. e Flexigun's output pressure ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi) with an output volume of 0.02 ounces per shot. Macnaught Americas 813-628-5506 1 3 PRODUCT NEWS 1 2 3 22 | July - August 2019 | www . 3 3 4

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