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M aintenance and Reliabilit y AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation Philosophies of Transformational Change and ICML 55 I fi rst met Ron Moore in the early 1990s. He is known as an icon in the reliability commu- nity and is the author of an excellent book entitled What Tool? When? is book tackles a delicate subject that is both diffi cult and controversial. Moore examines and contrasts the world's most notorious and respected philos- ophies in the fi eld of maintenance and reliability. ese include lean manu- facturing, kaizen, total productive maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, reli- ability-centered maintenance (RCM), root cause analysis (RCA), predictive maintenance (PdM) and others. Which of these philosophies does a user organization really need? Is there a priority order or logical sequence to their use? Which produces the greater benefi t or return for the lowest risk or investment? How sustainable are they? ese are all great questions that require an answer, especially for those seeking a major transfor- mation in their maintenance and reliability programs. For those of you in the reliability field, this book is a must read. Lectures and interviews with Moore can also be found on YouTube and in the "Rooted in Reliability" podcasts for an abridged understanding of his main themes. Moore in the Context of Lubrication Lubrication is a vast subject and highly important to the reliability and management of physical mechanical assets. For those who have read the " e best strategies are those that aff ect the behavior and activities of the most people." 2 | July - August 2019 | www .

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