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BOOKSTORE Welcom e to M a c h i n e r y Lu b ri catio n's B ook s tore, de sign e d to sp otlight lubric ation - relate d b ook s . For a complete lis ting of b ook s of intere s t to lubric ation profe s sionals , c h e c k o u t t h e B o o k s t o r e a t s t o r e . n o r i a . co m . Keep Our Machines Clean Poster Home Sweet Home Poster Use the Correct Oil Poster Machinery Lubrication I Study Pack See page 43 for the next scheduled training class. ack ass. • Flash Card Pack • 125-question Practice Exam • How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam • Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide • Oil Analysis Basics • e Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication Reliable Plant 2019 Conference Proceedings Format: Online Publisher: Noria Corporation If you missed the learning sessions at Reliable Plant 2019, you can still get the conference proceedings through the Noria Learning Portal. It includes the papers and presentations from nearly every educa- tional session. e real-world case studies at Reliable Plant 2019 were full of practical, experience- based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs. The Professional's Guide to Maintenance and Reliability Terminology Authors: Ramesh Gulati, Jerry Kahn and Robert Baldwin Maintenance and reliability involve ma ny dif ferent people in many different roles. is book represents a signifi cant step toward improving the knowledge of and communications between members of the maintenance and reliability profession. With more than 3,000 entries, the compila- tion refl ects a virtual explosion of commonly practiced concepts, ideas, methodologies and various approaches to maintenance and reliability improvements. Lubricating Grease Guide Author: NLGI T h i s h a ndy qu ic k- reference book contains material pertaining to a broad spectrum of grease-related subjects and is written by techni- cians for the beginner or the practitioner who wants to broaden his knowledge base. You will learn when and how to select the right grease for your machinery and easily determine which greases are compatible. Is My Machine OK? A Field Guide to Assessing Process Machinery Authors: Robert X. Perez and Andrew P. Conkey This book provides those who deal with industrial machines a handy guide for assessing the potential risk of failure. Combining the most commonly used assess- ment tools into one source, it is meant to be taken into the fi eld by operators, plant supervisors, maintenance personnel and reliability professionals in order to make informed decisions about their equipment. www . | July - August 2019 | 37

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