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I recently moved across town. During the process of unpacking the truck, I quickly was reminded of the value of orga- nization and how no two boxes are created equal. is also made me think about the importance of best practices as they relate to the storage, use and handling of grease guns. Properly storing your grease and grease guns is vital to achieving longevity from your lubricant. It is also essential to keep all your lubricants clean, cool and dry, with cleanliness often the most diffi cult to accomplish. Have you ever tried to remove solid particles from a tube of grease? It is almost impossible without introducing more contaminants. How to Store Greases and Grease Guns So, regardless of where your grease is stored, such as in a tube, keg or grease gun, how do you keep your grease clean? e best practice to maintain a clean grease gun is to hang it horizontally inside a clean, fi reproof cabinet with the plunger disengaged from the tube. Grease guns should be stored horizontally to avoid two potential problems. First, you don't want to overexert the spring and plunger, as this will cause the grease gun to wear quicker and change the amount of lubricant it exerts on each pump. Secondly, if there is a tube of grease inside the gun and the base oil begins to bleed out of the thickener, you would prefer that base oil be evenly distributed inside the tube. is will help prevent you from just pumping thickener into your machine. Once a grease gun is no longer working properly or has become too dirty to clean, throw it away imme- diately. e longer it stays around the plant, the more likely it will be put back into service. Taking pride in the cleanliness of your lubrication equipment is infectious and puts everyone on notice that you take your job seriously and are dedicated to doing what it takes to keep your lubricants clean and ultimately the machines running reliably. If you purchase grease in kegs, it is critical to keep the lid on the Best Practices for Storing and Using Grease Guns "Grease guns should be treated with care. Although some may be inexpensive in comparison to other equipment, they are still precision instruments." G rease G uns Devin Jarrett | Noria Corporation BACK PAGE BASICS 42 | July - August 2019 | www .

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