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Text by Gene Betz RAMBLING VINES Your Mens Specialty Apparel Headquarters 411 Central Avenue, Great Falls 406-761-5010 FIND US ON FACEBOOK Styling Montanan's for 124 Years Providing brands like Enro • S. Cohen • Neil M Shoes e other day, an old friend stopped by the store to buy a bole of wine for a function she was aending. I hadn't seen her much since she moved back to California's wine country. So, we took this welcomed opportunity to catch up. We got to visiting about the proliferation of grape vines in Sonoma County. "If there's a patch of vacant ground anywhere, someone plants wine grapes," she said. Apparently, all of the orchards have been torn out and turned into vineyards. is got me thinking about how the popularity of wine has grown over the past several decades. I'm not embarrassed to say Jill and I drink wine every day. A glass with the early evening news gives us a chance to unwind from the stresses of the day. (Yes, believe it or not, we are able to relax while watching the news.) en, we always have a glass, maybe two, with our dinner. is is just part of our daily routine, and I am finding it to be the case with others as well. Somewhere along the way, wine has become part of many Americans' lives, much like it has been in some European countries for centuries. I grew up ( Jill disputes this) in the late '40s, the '50s and the '60s. In all that time, I can hardly remember anyone consuming a glass of wine in my extended family or anyone else's families. is includes Chicago, the Florida panhandle and San Diego. I just don't remember people drinking wine in most circles during those decades. What happened to change that? I have no idea, but somewhere along the way, the popularity of wine changed drastically as did the need for larger vineyards and production facilities. In California alone, from 1967 through 2016, wine grape plantings grew from roughly 125,000 acres to upwards of 560,000 acres. In 50 years, California's acreage grew by over 350%! In fact, there's not one U.S. state that doesn't have wineries. It's not just the American public who has put these demands on wine production. Worldwide, wine consumption (and production) has grown almost exponentially. Today, China is one of the fastest growing emerging markets despite the fact you may have never seen a bole of Chinese wine. ey are also one of the fastest growing producers in the world. In 2015, China surpassed France in total wine grape production, and is now second only to Spain. ey are expected to overtake Spain in the next four to five years, making them the largest producer of wine in the world. So, if you should happen to find yourself drinking more wine these days, don't let it bother you... you're in good company. THE WINE AWAKENING The Culture of Wine... Alive and Thriving 403 Central Avenue Great Falls, MT 406.452.6724 NEW Corner Market Visit Our Wine Tasting Room! Gourmet & International Foods Pre-made take-n-go: Sandwiches, Mason Jar Salads & Meals Wine Beer Spirits SiG MT 21

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