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September 2019

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2019 14 I n clear language, The Innovation Mandate gives leaders a step-by-step process for generating and implementing great ideas and maximizing their value for their customers and investors. Innovation – a steady flow of creative ideas – drives sustained success, whether you're a small entrepreneurial startup or a global Fortune giant. Innovation is the creative cauldron that enables companies to introduce new products and services, connect better with their customers, hone the supply chain, manage finances more effectively, and hire and retain the best people. Without a steady stream of fresh ideas, even the best companies today are bound to slow down and start hemorrhaging customers, losing market share and eventually being forced to be sold or close their doors. The Innovation Mandate offers a clear path to profitable innovation. It demystifies the concept of innovation, making it easy to understand, implement, and measure. The book centers around three basic concepts: (1) Innovation generates profits; (2) Innovation, in the form of new and profitable ideas, can come from anywhere; and (3) We cannot leave the process of identifying, harnessing, evaluating, and implementing new ideas to random chance. The book offers a five-point checklist to ensure that your company is innovation-ready. B O O K R E V I E W THE INNOVATION MANDATE The Growth Secrets of the Best Organizations in the World Author: Nicholas J. Webb, CEO of Lassen Innovation, works closely with Fortune 500 companies worldwide to help them lead their industries in innovation, strategy and customer experience design. Webb serves as an adjunct professor and director of the Center for Health Innovation at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He speaks at 50+ events per year to average audiences of 1,200. His consulting clients include Gatorade, CIGNA, Freightliner, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Wireless, Salesforce and Microsoft. Publisher: Harper Collins Leadership RO

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