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September 2019

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SEPTEMBER 2019 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 the most strikingly beautiful design by paneling refrigeration products in monolith stone using black Marquina marble – unique to any appliance showroom. The use of this specially crafted stone is a clever representation of the innovation and focus of Liebherr Appliances. The innovative space will serve as a training area for interior designers and sales associates, as well as an entertainment space. Guests can interact with Liebherr's wide range of refrigeration, wine preservation and undercounter products, including the Monolith, the brand's newest column refrigeration products. The Liebherr Showroom is available to guests by appoint- ment Monday through Saturday. For more information, please visit ELMIRA STOVE WORKS INTRODUCES "COOL" NEW COLORS FOR NORTHSTAR LINE OF RETRO APPLIANCES Cheerful collection evokes summer days and the joy of indulging in a refreshing sorbet With the arrival of the summer season, Elmira Stove Works, the leading manufacturer of premium retro and vintage-styled kitchen appliances, has added four vivid new colors to its Northstar line of retro appliances. The Sorbet Collection features saturated pastel hues inspired by memories of enjoying a juicy sorbet on a hot summer afternoon. Made by mixing ice with fruit juice or purée, sorbet can be traced back as far as 3000 B.C., and continues to be a sought-after treat today in many parts of the world. The Sorbet collection's vibrant custom hues take their cue from favorite summer fruits. Blueberry is a mix of comforting blue and pleasing purple hues, creating a soothing, welcoming feel. Honeydew, with its soft yellow-green tones, provides a renewing and refreshing energy. Mango, a bold and eye-catching combination of yellow and orange, evokes thoughts of warmth and sunshine, while Raspberry's bright pinkish-red shade invites a sense of playfulness and carefree abandon. "Color has the ability to transform any kitchen from ordinary to stunning," said Tony Dowling, Elmira's vice president of sales & marketing. "Our goal with the Sorbet collection was to provide designers and homeowners with fresh new hues that, while reminiscent of summer, can live yearlong in the kitchen. We want our customers to be able to personalize their kitchens to express their unique preferences and tastes, and this latest addition to the Northstar line opens up the design possibilities even more." Adding color to the kitchen through appliances is a growing trend. In addition to the Sorbet collection, Elmira Stove Works

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