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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2019 28 F inding a truly great bottle of wine can feel like a massive accomplishment. But between buying and enjoying that perfect bottle is the all-important step of proper storage. Protecting wines from the elements, regulating temperatures, and keeping your collection safe and sound until the corks are popped are essential steps in ensuring a spectacular first sip (and many more to come). The best way to implement those expert methods is to look to the experts for inspiration, which is exactly what Zephyr did when creating its Presrv™ line of wine and beverage coolers. Comparable to the storage techniques of premium wineries, Presrv™ products utilize professional features like PreciseTemp™ tempera- ture regulation, Vibration Dampening System, and Active Cooling Technology to keep everything from craft beers, non-alcoholic beverages, and yes, wine, at their peak of freshness and full flavor. Here's why the new Zephyr Presrv™ Wine and Beverage Coolers exemplify the line's excellence: FULL SIZE WINE COOLER A true wine connoisseur requires a serious storage facility to house the treasures of vineyard visits, club memberships, and frequent shop stops. Design lovers will adore the stylish unit's sleek aesthetic, and collectors will love the cooler's 152-bottle capacity and 5-bottle display rack that showcases their prized possessions. With 14 full-extension, black wood racks with stainless steel trim, and all the signature features that make Presrv™ stand out from the crowd, the Full Size Single Zone Wine Cooler is a must-have. COMPACT WINE AND BEVERAGE COOLERS With convenient sizing and impressive cooling capabilities, the Single Zone Wine Cooler and Single Zone Beverage Cooler offer the perfect options for storing and displaying drinks anywhere in the home, from the family room to the master suite. Just as distinguished as its full-size counterparts, the 15-inch models keep contents perfectly protected within chic exterior shells. Both the wine and beverage options include full- extension racks that come in the same tasteful black wood with stainless steel trim, and the Electronic Capacitive Touch Controls, available on all Presrv™ models, allow for easy, effortless use. The Wine Cooler offers a temperature range of 40° - 65° F, while the Beverage Cooler dips down to a frigid 34° F, the ideal temp for storing beer and other beverages that taste best at their frostiest. INDUSTRY-FIRST BLACK STAINLESS STEEL WINE AND BEVERAGE COOLERS For anyone who loves their reds and whites equally, the new Black Stainless Steel Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a must. The large capacity unit includes two distinct temperature zones with PreciseTemp™ temperature control to ensure even cooling. Your finest full-bodied reds can be stored alongside refreshing whites, and all 44 bottles will remain at their ideal drinking temperature. A sleek alternative to stainless steel, the titanium-coated black stainless steel Presrv™ coolers give a sophisticated edge to wine storage. The Black Stainless Steel finish is available on the Dual Zone Wine and the Single Zone Beverage Coolers. Visit for more informa- tion on all Presrv™ products, or to learn more about Zephyr's renowned range hoods. M A N U F A C T U R E R [ N O T E S ] ELEVATE YOUR HOME WINE AND BEVERAGE EXPERIENCE with the new Zephyr Presrv Coolers RO

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