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2019 | Equine Practice Preferred Catalog | 113 Equipment Equipment Can't find what you are looking for? Contact your Covetrus North America representative. X-Ray and Imaging: Digital X-Ray Sensors Software NEXT Equine DR X-Ray System Supplied by: Sound NEXT Equine DR has evolved the imaging experience. The industry first monitor elevation system enables and enhances image review and communication with clients while standing. Reviewing images on a large screen with gesture controls allows for easy zoom and window level optimization, improving client communication and diagnostic confidence when making tough decisions in the field. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 054775 94-884 Next Equine DR X-Ray System for Equine and Mixed Animal Practices, 10 in x 12 in Each Each Sprint AIR Ultralight DR X-Ray System Supplied by: Sound SPRINT AIR is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and support the daily challenges of your mobile equine veterinary practice. With the fewest possible moving parts, SPRINT AIR is efficient and durable. SPRINT AIR can run on battery power for a typical full day's work and plug in for those endless days. With Canon reliability, SPRINT AIR integrates the latest technology with industry standard image quality in a powerful, go anywhere, image anything platform. The Canon CXDI-801C lightweight, wireless DR panel features autosense – non-generator connection mode. The remote laptop for image acquisition and review works off battery or can plug-in providing a new level of flexibility in workflow. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 054528 94-893 Sprint AIR Ultralight DR X-Ray System, for Mixed Animal Practices, 11 in x 14 in Each Each Wireless Equine Portable X-Ray System Supplied by: Sedecal • Over 12 hours of imaging time • Power on to first image is a quick 90 seconds. • Expose every 2 seconds, no waiting for full image processing • Only 5 seconds between processed images • Glove friendly touch screen and full keyboard • Ruggedized detector (-20 to +50 C) • Movable handle for easy positioning SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 069140 WEPX-V10 Wireless Equine Portable X-Ray System Each Each X-Ray and Imaging: Portable X-Ray Generators and Accessories HF100+ High Frequency Portable X-Ray Generator Supplied by: MinXray Ultra-light, high frequency portable X-ray unit is a versatile unit designed to meet the most challenging portable X-ray imaging situations. High power and low weight makes it ideal for both large and small animal imaging. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 032549 HF100+ HF100+ X-Ray Generator, High Frequency, Portable Each Each

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