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2019 | Equine Practice Preferred Catalog | 137 Hospital Supplies Hospital Supplies Can't find what you are looking for? Contact your Covetrus North America representative. Facility Supplies: OSHA Compliance (continued) Controlled Substance Accountability Records Combined Records A comprehensive record of controlled substances purchased, administered, dispensed, or disposed of for the period through 20 Name DEA No. Item #006373 COV_19RGT195-ControlledSubRecord_Combined.indd 1 9/4/19 10:09 AM Controlled Substance Record Book Supplied by: Covetrus These log books are essential for record keeping of controlled substances. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 015621 015621 Controlled Substance Record Book, Single Record Each Each 006373 006373 Controlled Substance Record Book, Multi-Record Each Each Facility Supplies: Pails Stainless Steel Pail Supplied by: Jorgensen Labs The stainless steel pail with handle is rust and corrosion resistant, plus almost chew-proof. It is heavy-duty for everyday use. Also it cleans and disinfects easily. They will keep their bright shine and new look and they are dishwasher safe. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 000744 J0398B 13 qt Each Each 000745 J0805D 9 qt Each Each Facility Supplies: Premise Disinfectants ParvoClear Disinfectant Supplied by: Covetrus ParvoClear is a quaternary ammonium disinfectant which cleans and disinfects in one labor saving step. It is germicidal, fungicidal, and virucidal. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 031929 BTPC128 ParvoClear Disinfectant and Cleaner 1 gal Bottle BioSentry ® BioPhene ™ Detergent/Disinfectant Supplied by: Neogen BioSentry BioPhene Disinfectant is a high activity 0.5 oz/gal (4mL/L) phenolic disinfectant for use in poultry hatcheries, poultry, swine and livestock farm premises, veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. It is also used for sanitizing hatchery eggs. It cleans and disinfects, but contains no soap to streak or dull surfaces. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 037753 D12709568 BioPhene Detergent Disinfectant 1 gal Bottle

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