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182 | Covetrus ph: 855.724.3461 | fx: 888.329.3861 | Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal Agents (continued) Ceragyn ® Uterine Lavage for Horses Supplied by: Vedco Uterine lavage is an important treatment option for mares that are susceptible to persistent or chronic endometritis and other uterine pathologies. For mares with retained fluid prior to insemination, flushing the uterus via Ceragyn Uterine Lavage up to 4 hours prior to insemination can help increase a mare's chance for successful pregnancy. For the treatment of post breeding endometritis, the results are found using Ceragyn Lavage from 6-48 hours. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 049384 VINV-TECH-6305 Ceragyn Uterine Lavage for Horses 60mL Bottle NAXCEL ® Sterile Powder Supplied by: Zoetis Naxcel is an efficacious treatment for foot rot and pneumonia with a track record of successful results. A single dose of Naxcel every day for three days reduces body temperature and kills pathogens fast. Its low-volume dosage, subcutaneous administration and aqueous formulation help meet quality assurance guidelines. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 004523 10000813 Naxcel Sterile Powder 1gm Vial 003773 10000814 Naxcel Sterile Powder 4gm Vial Excede ® Injection for Cattle and Horses Supplied by: Zoetis Excede is indicated for the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections in horses caused by susceptible strains of Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus (S. zooepidemicus). Excede contains ceftiofur in a crystalline form, called ceftiofur crystalline free acid, or CCFA. The final product is a ready-to-use sterile suspension of CCFA in oil. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 023814 10000916 Excede Injection, 200mg/mL 100mL Vial 043736 10003781 Excede Injection, 200mg/mL 250mL Vial Enroflox ® 100 Injection Supplied by: Norbrook Enroflox 100 is a sterile, ready-to-use injectable antimicrobial solution that contains enrofloxacin, a broad-spectrum fluoroquinolone antimicrobial agent. Therapeutic treatment with Enroflox 100 is administered as a single dose for one day (swine) or for multiple days (cattle) of therapy. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 049626 6068408670 Enroflox 100 Injection 100mL Each 049627 6068410670 Enroflox 100 Injection 250mL Each

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