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2019 | Equine Practice Preferred Catalog | 183 Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Can't find what you are looking for? Contact your Covetrus North America representative. Antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal Agents (continued) Ceftiflex ® Sterile Powder Supplied by: Med Pharmex Ceftiflex (ceftiofur sodium sterile powder) contains the sodium salt of ceftiofur which is a broad spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including ß-lactamase-producing strains. Like other cephalosporins, ceftiofur is bactericidal in vitro, resulting from inhibition of cell wall synthesis. Each mL of the reconstituted drug contains ceftiofur sodium equivalent to 50 mg ceftiofur. The pH was adjusted with sodium hydroxide and monobasic potassium phosphate. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 034957 CF-MP-082- 001-0 Ceftiflex Sterile Powder 1gm Vial 034958 CF-MP-082- 004-0 Ceftiflex Sterile Powder 4gm Vial Tylan ® Soluble Powder Supplied by: Elanco Tylan decreases the levels of Lawsonia infection, while enabling the pig to develop immunity. Tylan inhibits the growth of Lawsonia, which slows or stops the spread of ileitis and allows more nutrients to be absorbed and directed toward growth. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 005208 AF130067XAM Tylan Soluble Powder 100gm Packet Each EquiSul-SDT Oral Suspension Supplied by: Aurora Pharmaceutical EquiSul-SDT is proven effective in horses for the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections caused by susceptible strains of Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus in controlled field trials. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 048889 28000 EquiSul-SDT Antimicrobial Oral Suspension for Horses, with Cap, 400mg/mL 135mL Bottle 050268 28003 EquiSul-SDT Antimicrobial Oral Suspension for Horses 280mL Bottle 049750 28002 EquiSul-SDT Antimicrobial Oral Suspension for Horses 560mL Bottle 048890 28001 EquiSul-SDT Antimicrobial Oral Suspension for Horses, 400mg/mL 900mL Bottle 057990 28005 EquiSul-SDT Draw-Off Cap 35mm Each 050450 28004 EquiSul-SDT Draw-Off Cap 53mm Each Uniprim ® Powder Supplied by: Neogen Uniprim is an FDA approved, fast-acting, powerful antibiotic for horses used to treat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections. A combination of 67 mg trimethoprim and 333 mg sulfadiazine per gram provides effective antibacterial activity. Uniprim was designed specifically for horses. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 007387 UP375 Uniprim Powder 37.5gm Pack 032235 UP200 Uniprim Powder 200gm Jar 032578 UP400 Uniprim Powder 400gm Jar 057187 AUP375 Uniprim Powder, Apple Flavored 37.5gm Pack 038181 AUP200 Uniprim Powder, Apple Flavored 200gm Jar 038182 AUP400 Uniprim Powder, Apple Flavored 400gm Jar 040985 AUP2000 Uniprim Powder, Apple Flavored 2000gm Pail

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