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2019 | Equine Practice Preferred Catalog | 79 Diagnostics Diagnostics Can't find what you are looking for? Contact your Covetrus North America representative. Diagnostics Laboratory: Analyzers – Chemistry (continued) Element DC ™ Chemistry Analyzer Supplied by: Heska The state-of-the-art sample surface detection feature monitors air pressure changes and detects inadequate sample volume before the slide is wasted. Along with coated tips which prevent sample wicking and provide accurate delivery, the Element DC Analyzer brings advanced solutions to in- hospital chemistry testing. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 054692 CAT 6700 Element DC Chemistry Analyzer Each Each Element DC Reagents and Accessories Run a panel, run an individual slide or combine panels and individual slides to create virtually unlimited options specific to your patients' needs. And with weighted slide stabilization, you can be sure your slides are transferred into the incubator seamlessly with no jamming. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 054665 CAT 6330- COMP/EWRAP Diagnostic Panels, Comp E-Wrap (ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, TBILI, ALB, PHOS, CA, CHOL, GGT) 6 Count Box 054678 CAT 6330- PRESURG/EWR Diagnostic Panels, Pre-Surgical E-Wrap (ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP) 12 Count Box 054667 CAT 6330-EQ Diagnostic Panels, Equine (ALB, AST, BUN, CA, CK, CREA, GGT, GLU, LDH, PHOS, TBILI, TP) 2 Count Box 054670 CAT 6330- KIDNEY Diagnostic Panel, Kidney (ALB, BUN, CA, CREA, PHOS, TP) 4 Count Box 054673 CAT 6330-LIVER Diagnostic Panels, Liver (ALB, ALP, ALT, GGT, GLU, TBILI) 4 Count Box 054677 CAT 6330-PLUS Diagnostic Panels, Plus (LIP, AMY, MG, TRIG, AST, LYTES) 4 Count Box 054655 CAT 6330-ALB Diagnostic Slides, Albumin 24 Count Box 054656 CAT 6330-ALP Diagnostic Slides, Alkaline Phosphatase 24 Count Box 054657 CAT 6330-ALT Diagnostic Slides, ALT (GPT) 24 Count Box 054658 CAT 6330-AMM Diagnostic Slides, Ammonia 24 Count Box 054659 CAT 6330-AMY Diagnostic Slides, Amylase 24 Count Box 054660 CAT 6330-AST Diagnostic Slides, AST (GOT) 24 Count Box 054661 CAT 6330-BUN Diagnostic Slides, BUN 24 Count Box 054662 CAT 6330-CA Diagnostic Slides, Calcium 24 Count Box 054664 CAT 6330-CK Diagnostic Slides, CK 24 Count Box 054666 CAT 6330-CREA Diagnostic Slides, CREA 24 Count Box 054674 CAT 6330-LYTES Diagnostic Slides, Electrolytes 24 Count Box 054668 CAT 6330-GGT Diagnostic Slides, GGT 24 Count Box 054669 CAT 6330-GLU Diagnostic Slides, Glucose 24 Count Box 054672 CAT 6330-LIP Diagnostic Slides, Lipase 24 Count Box 054675 CAT 6330-MG Diagnostic Slides, Magnesium 24 Count Box 054676 CAT 6330-PHOS Diagnostic Slides, Phosphorous 24 Count Box 054679 CAT 6330-TBILI Diagnostic Slides, Total Bilirubin 24 Count Box 054663 CAT 6330-CHOL Diagnostic Slides, Total Cholesterol 24 Count Box 054681 CAT 6330-TP Diagnostic Slides, Total Protein 24 Count Box 054682 CAT 6330-TRIG Diagnostic Slides, Triglycerides 24 Count Box 054645 CAT 5725 Heska System Control Pack, with 3 Solution Bottles, Syringes, 1 Water Bottle Pack 054653 CAT 6308 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Auto Tips 96 Count Pack 054684 CAT 6343 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Collection Tubes, Lithium Heparin, Green, 0.5mL 500 Count Box 054685 CAT 6344 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Collection Tubes, Lithium Heparin, Green, 1.5mL 500 Count Box 054686 CAT 6345 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Collection Tubes, Plain, 0.5mL 500 Count Box 054687 CAT 6346 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Collection Tubes, Plain, 1.5mL 500 Count Box 054654 CAT 6318 DRI-CHEM Chemistry Analyzer, Paper 3 Count Box 054690 CAT 6354-1 DRI-CHEM Electrolyte Reference Fluid 8mL Bottle 054689 CAT 6354 DRI-CHEM Electrolyte Reference Fluid 6 x 8mL Box

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