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84 | Covetrus ph: 855.724.3461 | fx: 888.329.3861 | Diagnostics Diagnostics Diagnostics Laboratory: Analyzers – Hematology (continued) Element COAG ™ Specialty Analyzer Supplied by: Heska Introducing the Element COAG Veterinary Analyzer, offering specialty parameters that complement any lab suite. In one small and easy-to-use analyzer, receive accurate results for PT/aPTT Combination Test, canine and equine Fibrinogen, canine DEA 1 blood typing and feline A/B blood typing, all with a blood sample less than 100µL and in 15 minutes or less. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 062151 CAT 7411 Element COAG Veterinary Analyzer Each Each Element COAG Reagents SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 062147 CAT 7430- EQUINEFIB Equine Fibrinogen test Each Each 062146 CAT 7430-PT/ APTT Element COAG Prothrombin Time (PT) and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) Test 12 Crtrdgs Box Minotrol Vet Hematology Analyzer Reagent, Normal Control Supplied by: Horiba Medical SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 068870 5300100177 Minotrol Vet Normal Control, 3 X 2.5mL 3 Count Box 068871 5300100178 Minotrol Vet Normal Control, 6 X 2.5mL 6 Count Box Diagnostics Laboratory: Analyzers, Miscellaneous VetScan UA Urine Analyzer Supplied by: Zoetis The first of a 2-part urinalysis solution consisting of the new Abaxis Urine Chemistry and Sediment Analyzers. Portable, reliable, and cost-effective, the VetScan UA makes urinalysis chemistry testing easy and reproducible. SKU# MFR# DESCRIPTION UOM PKG 061224 1500-1500 VetScan UA Urine Analyzer with VetScan UA14 Urine Test Strips Each Each

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