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marketPlace THE INSURGENT DELEGATE George Thatcher served as a U.S. representative from Maine throughout the Fed- eralist Era (1789-1801)—the most critical and formative period of American con- stitutional history. A moderate on most political issues, the Cape Cod native and Harvard-educated lawyer proved a maverick in matters relating to education, the expansion of the slave interest, the rise of Unitarianism, and the separation of church and state. Written over his forty-year career as a country lawyer, national legislator, and state supreme court justice, the over two hundred letters and miscellaneous writings selected for this edition will appeal to historians, lawyers and legal scholars, teachers, and genealogists as an encyclopedic resource on the Founding generation, and to all readers captivated by the dramatic immediacy and inherent authenticity of personal letters. Following Thatcher's journey as a New England Federalist, abolitionist, religious dissenter, and pedagogical innovator is to add depth and com- plexity to our understanding of the early American Republic. Compiled and edited by Chief Historian of the United States Capitol Historical Society William C. diGiacomantonio. Cloth, cxlv, 692 pp., 2019 #003083 $49.40 Members $44.55 the art oF the rotunda Pocket Guide The United States Capitol Rotunda is home to some of the most recognized artwork depicting major landmarks in American history. Eight niches in the Rotunda hold large, framed historical paintings. The Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol was painted in the true fresco tech- nique by Constantino Brumidi in 1865. Brumidi (1805– 1880) was born and trained in Rome and had painted in the Vatican and Roman palaces before emigrating to the United States in 1852. The frieze in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol contains a painted panorama depicting signifi cant events in American history. The frieze's 19 scenes are the work of three artists: Con- stantino Brumidi, Filippo Costaggini, and Allyn Cox. Paperback, 16 pp., 2019 #003085 $4.95 Members $4.45 marble and Wood PaPerWeiGht This elegant new addition to the Society's historic marble collec- tion of unique gifts features a relief of the United States Capi- tol crafted from the marble removed during the east front renova- tions, set on cherry wood. Customization available. (5 " L x 3 " T x 1 1/2" D) #003066 $45.00 Members $40.50 48 THE CAPITOL DOME

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