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Tablets & Capsules November 2019 5 SureCount Thomas Packaging, LLC SureFill Thomas Packaging, LLC Swiftpack IMA North America, Inc. Swing-Down Flexicon Corp. Swiss Caps Aenova SwissCo Aenova SychroBlock Capmatic Syloid W.R. Grace Syloid Biddle Sawyer Corp. Syntron Iris Valves Lorenz Conveying Products USA, Inc. T TA-HD PLUS Texture Analyzer Texture Technologies Corp. TA-XT Express Texture Analyzer Texture Technologies Corp. TA-XT Plus Connect Texture Technologies Corp. TA-XT PLUS Texture Analyzer Texture Technologies Corp. TabCon Series Luxner Tableting by Design Gamlen Tableting/Gamlen Instruments Tabletting Science I Holland (IPR Inc) Tablettose Meggle USA, Inc. Tablettose 100 Meggle Group Tablettose 70 Meggle Group Tablettose 80 Meggle Group Tablift Driam USA, Inc. Tabulose SC Blanver TCS Industrial Pharmaceutical Resources (IPR) TD 400 CapPlus Technologies, Inc. Tefose Gattefossé USA Tele-Tube Flexicon Corp. Temmler Aenova ThickSort CapPlus Technologies, Inc. TIAS Industrial Pharmaceutical Resources (IPR) Tigerflex Kuriyama of America, Inc. Tip-Tite Flexicon Corp. Titan Shredders Munson Machinery Co. TopMill Biogrund US, Inc. Toteline Molded Fiber Glass Tray, Co. Transcutol Gattefossé USA TraXcaps Nutraceutix, Inc. Tri-Tab Innophos, Inc. Tri-Tab PVP Innophos, Inc. TriCafos Budenheim USA, Inc. TriStar AIC Tru Balance Sifter Great Western Mfg. Trucount IMA North America, Inc. TrueCap Monitor Technologies TurboWitt Frewitt Manufacturer of Machines, Ltd. Type N RotoClone AAF International Type W RotoClone AAF International U Ultra-Web Donaldson Co., Inc. Uni-Dust Hanningfield Process Systems Uni-Hoist Hanningfield Process Systems Uni-Mill Hanningfield Process Systems Uni-Vac Hanningfield Process Systems Unifoiler Pillar Technologies an ITW Company Uniline IMA North America, Inc. V VacuFill Capmatic Vagas L.B. Bohle, LLC Vapor Pro Ametek Arizona Instrument VBSE Flow Sciences, Inc. Vcaps capsules Lonza—Capsugel Vcaps Plus Capsules Lonza—Capsugel VegiCaps Catalent Pharma Solutions VeriFill Capmatic S SafePoint Monitor Technologies SBC-2000 Acrison, Inc. SC Series Scientific Dust Collectors SC Superclean Glatt Air Techniques, Inc. SCC Screen Classifying Cutter Munson Machinery Co. Scheu & Kniss Elizabeth Companies Schlick Spray Nozzles Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc. SDT Series Scientific Dust Collectors Seal-Scan PTI Packaging Technologies & Inspection Seal-Sensor PTI Packaging Technologies & Inspection Sefar Carbotex Sefar, Inc. Sefar Pharma GMP Sefar, Inc. Sefar Pharma Grade Sefar, Inc. Sefar Propyltex Sefar, Inc. Sefar Tetex Sefar, Inc. Seidenader Körber Medipak Systems NA, Inc. Service One Xertecs, Inc. SFA Vorti-Siv SheffCoat Kerry Sheffield Kerry Siebler Romaco North America Inc. Sift-N-Blend GlobePharma, Inc. Sil-Duct Kuriyama of America, Inc. SiloPatrol Monitor Technologies SilSol W.R. Grace Simpactor Sturtevant, Inc. SimpleBlend GlobePharma, Inc. SL Series Scientific Dust Collectors Sleeve Star Capmatic Smart Connex Feeder Controls Coperion K-Tron Smart Force Transducer Coperion K-Tron Smart PS Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. SmartLab Rigaku Corporation Solani Amylum DFE Pharma Soluplus BASF Solutab Roquette America, Inc. SorbaTech Flow Dry Technology, Inc. SorbiCap Multisorb Technologies Sorbitab SD 250 SPI Pharma Sorbitol Special SPI Pharma SorbStar Capmatic SortFast CapPlus Technologies, Inc. Sortomat Driam USA, Inc. SortStar Capmatic SPECTester Material Flow Solutions Spirofil Spiroflow Systems, Inc. SPJ Series Scientific Dust Collectors Spout-Lock Flexicon Corp. SSSpinTester Material Flow Solutions StabilOx Multisorb Technologies StarLac Meggle Group Stealth Fortress Technology SteelHeart Peristaltic Capmatic Sterotex Abitec Corp. Stokes Compression Components & Service, LLC Street Fighter 100 Capmatic Street Fighter 200 Capmatic Street Fighter 50 Capmatic StripPax Multisorb Technologies SuperCount PallayPack, Inc. Superfine Sturtevant, Inc. SuperSeal Jr Enercon Industries SuperSeal Max Enercon Industries SuperSeal Touch Enercon Industries SuperTab DFE Pharma Suppocire Gattefossé USA SureClean Thomas Packaging, LLC

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