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Lisa Cadwell, MD, FAAFP is a family medicine physician at Benefis Health System who offers well-rounded care to patients at every stage of life. Growing up in a small Montana town without any doctors, where a county health nurse would occasionally visit, Dr. Cadwell always knew she wanted to practice family medicine. Why is it important to establish care with a Family Medicine provider, instead of just going to Urgent Care when heath issues arise? A family doctor is important for everything from providing necessary preventive care (annual labs, mammograms, etc.) to providing care for chronic conditions. e family medicine role has changed and evolved significantly over the past several years – oen, the family medicine physician's role includes coordinating care and helping patients navigate through the intricacies of healthcare. What motivates you to provide the best possible care? For me, providing the best care comes down to remembering that everyone has their own journey to take and that life is hard enough without barriers. I ask myself, 'How can I help their journey?' I try to work with patients to make them feel confident as the decision maker in their health, since the best plan of care may end up being different from what patients expect when they first walk in the door. Do you have advice for puing people at ease when they see a new provider for the first time? My advice is, just be honest. Be open about your concerns. It is best to write down your concerns or questions before coming to the office, so you can prioritize two or three topics that are most important for you to talk about during your first visit. What is unique about the care you offer as a Family Medicine physician? I offer care to patients from infancy through end of life care. It is so exciting when I get to see an entire family – it helps to understand the social structure and nuances of each family when tailoring individualized care for all members. Where did you get your sense of humor? I blame my dad for my sense of humor. He has always fed me a steady stream of one-liners and "dad jokes." Speaking of which: When a form asks who should be notified in case of emergency, I always write, 'A very good doctor.' TO YOUR HEALTH Benefis Health System S MT SiG MT 96 Lisa Cadwell, MD, FAAFP Treating Whole Families with Skill and a Sense of Humor

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