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DEC ADENT DESIGN Text by Chris Cooper Photography by Jim Wells NOT SO SO, You Want to Buy a Bunker? What is decadent design? To some, it's clean, angular lines, steel and glass construction, and austere furnishings; to others, it's warm wood, so colors, and a sturdy, rough-hewn finish. e best designs provide comfort, livability, and a meaningful sense of place while incorporating modern materials, technology, and energy efficiency. We, at Signature MT magazine, typically feature the latest in upscale, unmistakably beautiful, designs, but in this issue, we look at less obvious, more weighty, design considerations that some owners value in a home. Great design, aer all, is about both form and function. A steel hatch entryway sits atop the frame so that it will open even if the ground shifts. Flexible, corrugated culvert pipes (opposite page) will withstand shock underground. SiG MT 26

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