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December 2019

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DECEMBER 2019 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 15 I T T O O K 4 0 0 G R A P E S , P R E S S E D , F E R M E N T E D , R A C K E D , A G E D I N O A K A N D C E L L A R E D F O R Y E A R S T O C R E A T E Y O U R B O R D E A U X R O U G E . D O N ' T L E T T H A T B E A U T Y G O B A D I N S T O R A G E . P R E S E R V E I T W I T H P E R L I C K . A good Bordeaux rouge is an investment. The slightest vibration, inconsistent temperature or shifts in humidity can affect its aging. And that can affect your enjoyment. Perlick has spent the last one hundred years perfecting wine preservation. Our system is unparalleled, award-winning and trusted by the pros. Now, that commercial performance is available for your home. Carbon air ltration, UV-protected glass, precision temperature control and our exclusive, dynamic humidity-control sensor create the industry's leading wine preservation system. Do what the pros do. Trust Perlick to protect your delicious little investments. PERLICK.COM © 2019 Perlick Corporation. All rights reserved.

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