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When Mother Nature puts your network in jeopardy, Hitachi has the answer. Actually, now it has two answers… Conduit that originates indoors but passes through or under a concrete slab is o en subject to water infiltra on. Standard indoor cables can't be used in these situa ons since water will have a catastrophic effect on both their electrical performance and physical proper es. The typical solu on has been to use outdoor cable in the conduit and then transi on to the appropriately rated cable type once indoors. DryBit™ Category 6 and 6A cable from Hitachi Cable America eliminate the me and cost associated with transi oning from outdoor cable to indoor- rated cable. DryBit™ cables are designed for use in wet environments so long term submersion in water will not impact their electrical performance or degrade their outer jackets. DryBit™ cables are verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL B627696) for long term water submersion and carry a plenum (CMP) ra ng. This CMP ra ng makes DryBit™ cables some of the most versa le cables available. And, since DryBit™ cables are verified for electrical performance by UL, they're guaranteed to support all appropriate applica ons. DryBit ™ www.hca.hitachi-cable.com Plenum-rated cables designed for wet environments. Category Cables Drybit ™ Category 6 and 6A cable. FUTP UTP Introducing

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