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January 2020

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2020 28 F OTILE's Sink Dishwasher System is designed for modern living in small spaces such as apartments, condos, and tiny houses. It offers customizable combinations of functions you can choose from to include in your counter. A One-of-a-kind Sink Dishwasher System that not only washes dishes, and acts as your Kitchen Sink but also cleans your fruits and vegetables of harmful pesticides. The predecessor of the Q7 Sink Dishwasher, winner of last year's Best of KBIS Impact Award, features a 3-function-in-1 sink dishwasher that honors the need for compact appliances in modern living styles prevailing in metro cities around the world. This is truly a unique product that will elevate your kitchen's style and performance. The Sink Dishwasher Combo adroitly addresses kitchens with less space and energy consumption, and the dishwasher's counter- mounted design eliminates bending over to load and remove dishes as you would with traditional under-counter appliances. Another core innovation of the product is its energy-saving characteristics. The FOTILE Sink Dishwasher uses just 1.6 gallons of water, 3 times less than traditional dishwashers, and manages to remove 99.99% E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus from dishes. The produce and seafood cleaning portion of the dishwasher removes 90% of pesticide residue, ensuring that what goes into your body is clean and safe. • All-Clean Intelligent Cleaning System Real 360° cleaning with no blind spots FOTILE's rotary sprays and all-angle water spray design enable the Sink Dishwasher to accurately calculate the water jet's spray and rotation angles to create a strong waterfall-like blanket of water for thorough, in-depth cleansing. • Pasteurizing Drying Process One-Step Total Bacterial Elimination The FOTILE Sink Dishwasher boasts a saucer-shaped high- efficiency heating plate with two functions: first, it rapidly heats the water jets to remove animal fats and stubborn oils efficiently; and second, it rapidly generates high-temperature steam to remove common bacteria and ensure total cleanliness of your kitchenware. • Double Purification Eliminates over 90% of fruit and vegetable pesticide residues FOTILE's patented high-frequency ultrasound and turbulence fruit and vegetable purification feature not only removes dirt from fruit and vegetable surfaces, it also removes over 90% of pesticide residues. This technology even eliminates secondary pollution caused by ozone, detergents and other chemical treatments. • Easy to Clean Extra Large Sink Design is Easy to Clean The FOTILE sink dishwasher is made for effortless cleaning, as its smooth, straight and seamless inner walls are made with jointless mold crafting. In addition, the large sink design has plenty of room for your large pots and pans and is constructed of food-grade 304 Anti-Rust Stainless that is also oil-proof for easy cleaning. • A Breath of Fresh Engineering FOTILE creates products that improve the quality of life for the people we care about. We strive to create only the best products that are meaningful and purposeful. FOTILE products elevate your lifestyle and bring enjoyment to the kitchen and your family. The FOTILE Sink Dishwasher is an innovative fusion of a kitchen sink, an award-winning dishwasher, and a produce cleaner that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Stop by Booth # SL3011 at the KBIS 2020 show to get a closer look at this award-winning sink dishwasher. We'll have several working units on display, and we'll be ready to take pre-orders for delivery. We hope to see you there! M A N U F A C T U R E R [ N O T E S ] ONE-OF-A-KIND SINK DISHWASHER SYSTEM RO

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