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Trade Names A list of trade names and the companies that own them N Nano Spray Dryer B-90 Buchi Corporation NGI MSP, a division of TSI O Ombra Trudell Medical International P Partica Horiba Instruments, Inc. PFT Ametek Brookfield Q Quali-V-I Qualicaps, Inc. Quali-V-I Extra Dry Qualicaps, Inc. Quantum Dose Indicator H&T Presspart R Relovex Astech Projects Respitose DFE Pharma (DMV Fonterra Excipients) RST-SST Ametek Brookfield S SpecTester Material Flow Solutions SprayView Proveris Scientific Corporation SSSpinTester Material Flow Solutions Star-CCM+ CD-adapco StripPax Multisorb Technologies Synvent Intech Biopharm, Ltd. T Teleflex VaxINator Teleflex TPK Copley Scientific, Ltd. U Universal Nasal Spray Actuator InnovaSystems, Inc. V Vcaps Capsugel, a Lonza Co. Vcaps Plus Capsugel, a Lonza Co. Vereo Proveris Scientific Corporation Vertus Novi by Copley Scientific Viota Proveris Scientific Corporation X Xcelodose Capsugel, a Lonza Co. Xelair Astech Projects Xelize Astech Projects Xelox Astech Projects Z Zephex Koura A Advancia Nemera Aerobika Trudell Medical International AeroChamber Plus Trudell Medical International AeroCount Trudell Medical International AeroEclipse Trudell Medical International Aerosol Drug Spray Analyzer InnovaSystems, Inc. APA 2000 Multisorb Technologies C Citdas Copley Scientific, Ltd. Conisnap Capsugel, a Lonza Co. CT3 Ametek Brookfield D DecaVertus Novi by Copley Scientific Dekati Bolar Dekati, Ltd. Dekati ELPI Dekati, Ltd. Duasma Intech Biopharm, Ltd. DV3T Ametek Brookfield E Embo Caps Suheung-America Corporation eMDI H&T Presspart Encapsulator B-395 Pro Buchi Corporation Encapsulator B-390 Buchi Corporation F Flow-Vu Trudell Medical International f T4 Powder Rheometer Freeman Technology (Micromeritics Co.) Fusion Inhaler Testing S-Matrix Corporation Fusion Product Development S-Matrix Corporation G GKF Bosch Packaging Technology H Huettlin Bosch Packaging Technology I Indizo Proveris Scientific Corporation InhaLac Meggle Excipients & Technology K Kinaero Proveris Scientific Corporation KU-2 Ametek Brookfield L Lactohale DFE Pharma (DMV Fonterra Excipients) M Manesty Bosch Packaging Technology MDI-ACS InnovaSystems, Inc. MDI-FD10 InnovaSystems, Inc. Might Runt Nasal Spray Actuator InnovaSystems, Inc. Mini Spray Dryer B-290 Buchi Corporation MiniPax Multisorb Technologies Multiform CSF Multisorb Technologies Trade Names Inhalation January 2020 7

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