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15 ALMOND COMMUNITY CALIFORNIA FFA PHOTO CONTEST 1 st First Place Winner California Grown By: Ryan Gonzalez Senior, Firebaugh FFA California is the largest almond producer in the world, hence the name "California Grown." An almond is much more than a nut. It signifies the different products that can be produced from it, such as almond milk and almond butter. Second Place Winner Small, but Mighty By: Allison Layne Senior, Modesto FFA Who would have thought this little nut could attract so much attention? It is healthy, it creates jobs, its possibilities are endless. The California almond industry produces 100% of our nation's supply of almonds and over 80% of the world's supply. From milk to beauty benefits, almonds have become a household name worldwide. Third Place Winner This Job is Driving Me Nuts By: Lesly Madriz Junior, Madera FFA In this photo, you can see hardworking women removing damaged almond kernels at the processor. When I first toured The Almond Company, I was astonished to see how almonds go through a rigorous screening process. Not many people are aware of the hard work that goes into preparing almonds to go to the consumer. 2 nd 3 rd ABC and California FFA California FFA (previously known as Future Farmers of America) is dedicated to developing high school students' potential for premier leadership and career success through agricultural education. Recognizing the importance of raising up future farmers, the Almond Board of California (ABC) supports this organization in its mission. In 2011, ABC hosted its first silent auction fundraiser for California FFA at The Almond Conference, and in 2016, ABC's Almond Leadership Program took ownership of the auction and fundraising. To date, ABC and the Leadership program have raised $155,000 to fund scholarships for graduating FFA students planning to pursue a degree in agriculture. In addition to providing financial support, ABC provides resources, offers knowledge- sharing to interested students and their California FFA Chapters, and invites students from FFA chapters in almond- growing regions to serve at The Almond Conference.

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