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MILL GEAR GREASE PRODUCT NEWS The Bel-Ray line of Molylube Mill Gear Grease now includes medium and heavy grades to help maximize mining equipment life, reduce component costs and increase machine availability. Designed for use on mills, kilns, driers and other type-2 open-gear systems, the new medium and heavy grades are high-performance, mineral-oil-based, aluminum-complex greases that are fortified with extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives, along with rust and corrosion inhibitors. They excel in applications where the drainage of the spent lubricant is a primary consideration. Bel-Ray 732-938-2421 FILTER ELEMENTS The new AntiStat Pleat (ASP) elements from Schroeder Industries were developed to greatly reduce or eliminate electrostatic discharge problems that can occur during filtration of hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Combining Excellement media and ASP technology, the filter elements provide high filtration efficiency while preventing or significantly reducing electrostatic discharge. The ASP elements also inhibit element damage and oil deterioration, decrease sludge and oil sediment, and extend system component life. Schroeder Industries 800-722-4810 BULK LUBRICANT STORAGE AND DISPENSING SYSTEM OilSafe's newly developed Work Center provides a compact, fully integrated bulk storage and dispensing system. The scalable, plug-and-play design extends the life of the system, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency. Each tank has its own pump and built-in filtration to prevent fluid cross-contamination and keep fluid storage areas organized and clean. The palletized, fully assembled pods allow for quick set-up and efficient transport. Available in multiple configurations, each system is customizable to suit the application and budget. OilSafe 630-820-8930 MULTI-POINT LUBRICATION SYSTEM Maxi-Lube is a multi-point lubrication system that is designed to inject lubricant to specific locations at certain times. It features independent adjustment of air and oil flows to lube points and can be installed almost anywhere. The gravity-fed, completely customizable lubrication system is environmentally safe and low maintenance. The modular design offers easy expandability with heavy-duty construction. Simple to operate, Maxi-Lube comes with a 1- or 5-gallon reservoir capacity and can be applied to a wide range of lubrication requirements. Lacey Harmer 800-367-9992 26 March - April 2013 |

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