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Maintenance and Reliability AS I SEE IT JIM FITCH NORIA CORPORATION A New LOOK at CRITICALITY Analysis for Machinery LUBRICATION For decades, reliability scholars have been stressing the importance of prioritizing new maintenance thrusts and investments based on need. The word they like to use is "criticality." For any given machine, how critical is its reliability? What if it failed suddenly and catastrophically? What would be the consequences — lost production, expensive repairs, fatality? Criticality is the logical starting point for all reliability initiatives. There are many different ways to enhance reliability and improve the quality of mainteFigure 1. Machine Criticality Factor (MCF) (Relates to the consequences of machine failure) 2| March - April 2013 | nance. The best options should be risk-based. After all, if it doesn't reduce risk, why do it? Why spend an incremental dollar to enhance a machine's reliability if it doesn't yield multiple dollars in return? There's also priority. What should be done first, second and third, and what should not be done at all? How do you know which machines return big dollars for enhanced reliability, which machines return marginal dollars and which machines return nothing at all? Once you understand machine criticality and a machine's risk profile, you can work smarter to customize improvements. For guidance, look to the Pareto principle, which states that 20 percent of the machines cause 80 percent of the reliability problems. Which machines are these? In addition, consider that 20 percent of the causes of failure are responsible for 80 percent of the occurrences of failure. Which causes are these? It's about precision — precision maintenance and precision lubrication. It's also knowing how to make wise, risk-informed choices.

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