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CONTAMINATION CONTROL BY EDGAR GUTIERREZ , A DEMINSA Controlling Contamination with Fuel System Filtration: A CASE STUDY w When a mining company in Peru performed a field inspection on the microfilters of one of its loading shovels, its goal was to determine the ISO code level and to check for visible particles. At the time of the inspection, the microfiltration system had been in operation less than 1,000 hours, while the loading shovel was reported to have less than 5,000 hours of operation. During the inspection, the hoses to the fuel tank were checked to verify that they had not been grazed or cut with a cutting element. The microfilter cap was cleaned and then slowly removed, making sure there was no fuel leakage. One filter cartridge was carefully taken out of each unit. From the bottom of the filter containers, fuel residue was removed. The hoses to the fuel tank were inspected to verify that they had not been grazed or cut. Since installation of the microfiltration system in the loading shovel's diesel tank, its condition and operation have met all expectations. Two cartridges were visually inspected in the field with the upper surface of the microfilters examined to detect the presence of trapped visible particles. In order to evaluate the particles with a microscope and to identify the origin of these solid contaminants, the two used filter cartridges were sent to the Yanacocha laboratory. New filter cartridges were then installed with new seals placed 38 March - April 2013 | on the edges of the caps to prevent any fuel leakage. The caps were manually adjusted up to 70 pounds and aligned with the seals in the right position. After the loading shovel was turned on, the microfiltration unit and accessories were inspected in operation to verify that there were no fuel leaks. Inspection Results Before the filter cartridges were changed, the microfiltration unit was observed under normal operating conditions. The exterior of the microfilters showed powder impregnation as the result of operation. The microfilter unit was found to be correctly installed

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