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NOW ON ML Find more great articles and content from Machinery Lubrication magazine online. From Web exclusives and industry news to videos, white papers, buyer's guides and more, everything that relates to machinery lubrication is available now on Handle Lubricants with Care to Prevent Health Problems While exposure to some oils and greases carries little to no risk of health problems, others can be quite toxic. Care should be taken every time contact with oil or grease is expected. Find this article on the ML site to learn proactive ways to reduce the risk of exposure and methods to keep lubricants from coming in contact with skin. Lubrication Myth: Relubing Once a Year is Enough This video explains why relubing once a year is not enough and that relubrication is necessary to replenish grease in bearings when the current grease breaks down or deteriorates. See how pumping new grease into a bearing helps to flush away contamination while the old grease is pushed out, as well as how relubrication intervals can vary based on load, speed, temperature or environmental conditions. Access this 58-second video at Value of Particle Counting in Oil Analysis If the laboratory does not report significant variations in the solid particle contamination code, you might think that the oil in your machines is in good condition, that the oil supplier is excellent, that the machines do not have any wear, and that the oil filters and breathers are perfect. However, none of these things should be assumed until they are verified first. Read this article 44 | March - April 2013 | on the ML site to find out the risks associated with discontinuing particle counts and when another alternative should be considered. Causes and Effects of Hydraulic Fluid Contamination This video offers a look at what causes contamination in hydraulic fluids and what the effects can be. Discover the most common consequences of hydraulic system contamination, such as cylinder drift, erratic operation, shorter service intervals, higher operating costs, lower productivity and catastrophic failure, as well as what contamination particles look like, where contamination comes from and when it is frequently introduced in various hydraulic equipment. Access this 6-minute, 57-second video at Developing an Effective Motor Bearing Regreasing Strategy When forming a regreasing strategy for motor bearings, you first will want to establish a way of tracking each motor as an asset. Develop a preventive maintenance (PM) program in your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to track the motors. Next, it is time to play detective and uncover as much information on each motor as possible. Learn what your PM frequency should be based on and which motors you should start with by reading this article on the ML site. By the Numbers 55% of lubrication professionals use a predictive maintenance strategy at their plant, according to a recent survey at

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