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26 | January - February 2020 | www . OIL DISPENSING SYSTEM e efficient premium oil dispensing system (ePODS) from Castrol is intended to improve the efficiency, speed and cleanliness of oil changes. e system features a gravity-fed design and can support multiple viscosity grades without cross-contam- ination. e integrated design also incorporates a pitcher dedicated to each viscosity- grade bottle. e 5-gallon package permits four viscosity grades in a reduced footprint. is enables flexible viscosity assortment and efficient inven- tory management. In addition, the translucent bottle with measurement notches lets you see exactly how much inventory you have. Castrol 800-255-4417 ENGINE OILS Petro-Canada's new Duron Geo LD line of engine oils is specially formulated to extend oil drain intervals while providing all-weather performance and engine protection. Consisting of SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30 grade oils, the new lubricants incorporate low-volatility base oils to decrease vaporization so less oil is lost, efficiency is improved and the oil retains more of its fresh oil properties to reduce top-up frequency. e optimized shear-stable viscosity modifier helps to maintain the oil's viscosity for reduced engine wear and improved engine protection over the life of the lubricant. Petro-Canada 866-335-3369 BATTERY-POWERED PUMP SYSTEM Macnaught USA's new BOP20 series is a battery-powered pump system for oil applications. It is designed to improve shop effi- ciency, reduce operator fatigue and eliminate spillage. Suitable for lubricants ranging from 0W40 to SAE90, the system is ideal for pumping hydraulic and gear oils from 5-gallon containers. e lithium-ion battery can deliver up to 40 gallons on a single charge with flow rates up to 1 gallon per minute. e modular pump's flow nozzle also enables one-handed operation with on-demand flow control. Macnaught USA 813-628-5506 AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM e new Perma Flex Plus from Perma-tec is an automatic lubrication system for applications that require only small amounts of lubricant, such as rolling and sliding bearings, chains, spindles, open gears, gear racks, shaft seals, etc. It is designed to discharge lubricant to a lubrication point when the boost function is activated. e desired discharge period can be selected with a rotary switch and changed at any time. e system can be installed at the lubrication point with no assembly required. e compact size makes it ideal for hard-to- reach places. Perma-tec +49 9704 609-0 1 2 3 4 PRODUCT NEWS 1 3 2 4

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