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BOOKSTORE Welcom e to M a ch i n e r y Lu b ricatio n's B ook s tore, de sign e d to sp otlight lubric ation - relate d b ook s . For a complete lis ting of b ook s of intere s t to lubric ation profe s sionals , c h e c k o u t t h e B o o k s t o r e a t s t o r e . n o r i a . co m . www . | January - February 2020 | 43 Keep Our Machines Clean Poster Home Sweet Home Poster Use the Correct Oil Poster Machinery Lubrication I Study Pack See page 51 for the next scheduled training class. • Flash Card Pack • 125-question Practice Exam • How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam • Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide • Oil Analysis Basics • e Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication Automotive Lubricants and Testing Authors: Simon C. Tung and George E. Totten This book provides a comprehensive overview of various lubrication aspects of a typical powertrain s ystem, includ ing t he engine, transmission, driveline and other compo- nents. It also covers lubrication fundamentals and lubricant testing methods that are influenced by lubricant additive formulation and engine hard- ware changes. Lubrication Fundamentals — Second Edition Authors: D. M. Pirro and A. A. Wessol This newly revised and expanded reference book emphasizes the need for lubrication and careful lubri- cant selection. oroughly updated and rewritten, the Second Edition of Lubrication Fundamentals discusses product basics, machine elements that require lubri- cation, methods of application, lubrication, lubricant storage and handling, lubricant conservation and much more. Oil Analysis Basics – Second Edition Publisher: Noria Corporation e new Second Edition includes more deta iled i n f o r m a t i o n o n o i l sampling, f iltration and contaminant removal, base oils and additives, water- in-oil contamination and removal, ASTM standards, glycol testing, flash point tests, and 14 additional oil analysis tests. Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology - Volume II: Theory and Design - 2nd Edition Author: Robert W. Bruce Sponsored by the Society of Tribologists and Lubri- cation Engineers, this handbook incorporates up-to-date, peer-reviewed information for tackling tribological problems and improving lubricants and tribological systems. It demonstrates how the prin- ciples of tribology can address cost savings, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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