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50 | January - February 2020 | www . A lube room i s often a dark, dirty, forgotten area inside a plant. However, it shouldn't be this way, especially considering how important it is in keeping machines moving. After all, without proper lubrication, equipment would not rotate. By giving your machines clean, cool and dry lubricants, you can increase uptime and revenue. Keeping your lube room clean and organized also will help with lubricant management. W hen everything has its place and is clearly marked, you can identify what you have and what you need. One way to achieve this is by incorporating 5-S into your lubri - cant storage and handling. e 5-S system is a Japanese-based set of principles designed to elimi - nate waste and foster a workplace culture of efficiency. e five S's stand for sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain. Sort e first step in incorporating 5-S into your lube room is to remove all unnecessary items. Determine what is deadweight in each area and stack it in one loca- tion. is would include things like spent filters, used oil buckets, oily rags, expired lubricants, old funnels, empty drums, broken or worn-out transfer containers, etc. All items in this area should be tagged for later discussion. Strategies for Incorporating 5-S into Your Lube Room By giving your machines clean, cool and dry lubricants, you can increase uptime and revenue." " Lubric ant Storage and H andling BACK PAGE BASICS David Dise | Noria Corporation

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