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36 | March - April 2020 | www . What do Boeing, John Deere, General Motors a n d t h e N a t i o n a l Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have in common? Aside from being industry leaders, they all use self-lubricating plain bearings. You may wonder how a self- lubricating plain bearing can lubricate without the addition of external lubricants. e simple answer is that they work by having solid lubricant impreg- nated within the sliding layer of the bearing. Self-lubricating plain bearings can provide comparable thermal and mechanical performance to externally lubricated needle and roller bearings across many points of measurement. By eliminating the need for external lubricants, they also offer versatility in a wide range of industrial applications. A notable example of their versatility in the aerospace industry is the use of three anti-friction bear- ings in the drill spindle of NASA's Curiosity rover. e spindle is one of the four components that allows the drill to operate in the harsh environment on Mars and has kept Curiosity exploring the red planet since 2012. The Plain Truth About Plain Bearings BEARING LUBRICATION Chris Corneliussen and Kimberly Evans | GGB "While self- lubricating plain bearings are not a panacea for every application, they can serve as an alternative to lubricated bearings in a variety of applications." Self-lubricating bearings can offer good wear and low-friction performance in harsh conditions. Three bearing segments serve as the primary suspension components for the drill spindle on the Mars Curiosity rover.

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