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40 | March - April 2020 | www . GET TO KNOW Name: Josh Hodge Age: 43 Job Title: Reliability Engineer Company: Ingredion Canada Location: Cardinal, Ontario Length of Service: 18 years Ingredion's Hodge Develops World-Class Lubrication Mindset Josh Hodge's first exposure to machinery lubrication came when he was working as a sheet-metal worker and maintaining hydraulic shears and presses. Without functioning equipment, the shop could not fabricate its ductwork or other custom designs. Later, while serving as a millwright, Hodge focused on equipment top-ups and first fills during machine rebuilds. However, it wasn't until the commissioning of an ethanol plant that he truly obtained a world-class lubrication mindset. is also was his first time building an entire lubrication program from the bottom up. Now, he regularly assists in the development of new plant lube rooms and programs for Ingredion Canada. Q: What types of training have you taken to reach your current position? A: I have had training in reli- ability engineering, risk-based asset management, predictive maintenance strategy, root cause ana lysis, reliabilit y program assessment, condi- t ion-b a s e d m a i nte n a nc e route creation, planning and scheduling, lubrication funda- mentals, acoustic lubrication and vibration analysis. Q: What professional certifi- cations have you attained? A: My certifications include Certified Reliability Engineer, Level I and II Machinery L ubr ic at ion Te c h n ic i a n, Category II and III Vibration Analyst, Level I Ultrasound, and Red Seal Millwright. Q: A re you planning to obtain additional training or achieve higher certifications? A: I'm always looking to continue my training to keep driving our program forward and to keep myself current with how the lubrication field is evolving. e new Machinery Lubrication Engineer certifi- cation has caught my interest because it brings all the funda- mentals of the lubrication world under one umbrella. Q: What's a normal work day like for you? A: I recently transitioned into a new corporate role as part of Ingredion's Reliability Center of Excellence. In my old role, I would meet with the lubrica- tion technicians to review any challenges they were facing from the previous day, look at any failures that had occurred, interact with the engineering group on upcoming projects, facilitate root cause analysis (RCA) meetings, and continu- ally make improvements to our lubrication program. Q: What is the amount and range of equipment you help service through lubrication/ oil analysis tasks? A: We have a wide range of equipment, from centrifugal pumps to centrifugal compres- sors. We sample 80 pieces of equipment routinely and have approximately 3,000 lubrica- tion points. Q: On what lubrication- related projects are you currently working? A: My new role will focus on the development of key perfor- mance indicators, governance of multiple lubrication programs, continually improving our lubrication databases, and assisting in the commissioning of new plant lubrication rooms and programs. Q: What have been some of the biggest project successes in which you've played a part? A: Two projects come to mind. e first was when our vibration technicians had become very proficient in predicting bearing failures on a spindle unit. e failures were happening at an interval of every six months, and analysis pointed to lubri- cation as the root cause of the failures. I tried working with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but the age of the unit did not lead to great support. We modi- fied the oil-mist system by Be Featured in the Next 'Get to Know' Section Would you like to be featured in the next "Get to Know" section or know someone who should be profiled in an upcoming issue of Machinery Lubrication magazine? Nominate yourself or fellow lubri- cation professionals by emailing a photo and contact information to

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