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Ontario Waste Management Association 6 Welcome to the 2020 OWMA Members and Services Guide – the most comprehensive information source for goods and services in the waste management sector. We are excited that this years guide and additional OWMA features will make this guide an invaluable reference to the companies and organizations that are leaders in providing value, innovation and integrity to their customers and business partners. Use this reference to identify OWMA members and consider the overall benefit in doing business with other members. Membership supports our collective goals and shares in resourcing the work of the association. By supporting other members, you help build a stronger more effective membership base to move the sector forward. When you are looking to buy goods or services, your first question should be "Are you an OWMA member?" We are continuing to see OWMA membership specified as a mandatory requirement in municipal, federal and private tenders and Requests for Proposals (RFP). When searching for service value, especially with taxpayers or shareholders funding, it is important to have confidence in the reputation and reliability of your service partners. Our members are better informed, more aware of current or impending changes to regulatory requirements and compliant with sector best management practices. OWMA plays a key role in enhancing the capability of members to provide better, more efficient, and competitive services to customers. Private sector members operate their business in compliance with a code of ethics and have a demonstrated interest in ensuring that their business, and by extension those of their customers, are on the leading edge of environmentally and fiscally-sound waste management practices. Public sector members represent the leading municipalities in Ontario for innovative, effective and efficient waste management systems for residents and are world leaders in implementing and managing Blue Box and Green Bin systems to divert and recycle the valuable resources contained in our waste stream. Associate members are the backbone of a sophisticated and varied support industry to both private and public sector waste managers. Proven and reliable services, products and equipment are provided by Associate members in Ontario and across Canada. As you use this Members and Services Guide and the information contained within, consider that OWMA members represent the most reputable and efficient organizations in the sector and that showing a preference for doing business with other members benefits everyone. Yours truly, Mike Chopowick Chief Executive Officer Ontario Waste Management Association Chief Executive Officer's Message ABOUT OWMA

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