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2020 Canadian Public Energy M&A Review (FINAL)

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Lawson Lundell LLP 11 Purchaser Target Equity Value Announced Features of Note Midstream Pembina Veresen $5.8B May 1, 2017 Target's preferred shareholder's voted on the arrangement Enbridge Enbridge Income Fund $4.5B May 18, 2018 Internalization of mid-stream assets Pembina Kinder Morgan Canada $2.3B August 27, 2019 Target had two classes of voting shares PSP and ATRF AltaGas Canada $1B October 21, 2019 Purchasers were pension funds Downstream FP Resources BIOX $32M May 15, 2017 Purchaser was a control person of Target Services Total Savanna $798M November 23, 2016 Initiated by hostile bid Trican Canyon $574M March 22, 2017 Shareholders of both companies held a joint meeting Ensign Trinidad $459M August 14, 2018 Initiated by hostile bid Shawcor ZCL $306M January 20, 2019 All cash transaction Rubicon Logan $54M August 28, 2016 Purchaser was a US-strategic controlled by a private equity fund Akita Xtreme $45M June 5, 2018 Target controlled by private equity funds Daseke Aveda $43M April 13, 2018 Target controlled by private funds Secure Ceiba $26M May 15, 2017 Target's senior management departed just before the transaction was agreed Clean Harbors Lonestar West $21M May 11, 2017 Purchaser was a US-strategic Tervita Newalta $16M March 1, 2018 Complex restructuring of Target Matrrix Stampede $7M October 31, 2017 Target was a widely-held private

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