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June 2020

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2020 16 TOUCHLESS HAND WASHING HELPS HYGIENE AND OVERALL HEALTH Sonoma Forge's Sans Hands automated faucet technology helps reduce the spread of disease and bacteria while washing hands We know that washing our hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases such as COVID-19. But hands-free hand washing can even further reduce the spread of harmful germs that can make us sick. Bacteria and viruses can linger on faucet handles for days, where they can easily be picked up when turning the water on and off. Sonoma Forge's Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, thereby eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens from turning on and off a traditional faucet. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands faucets help to keep homeowners, as well as those in hospitality and commercial settings, safe and healthy. "Our Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology offers an effective, germ-free way to address concerns over the spread of disease and bacteria," says Erik Ambjor, Sonoma Forge President. "Plus, since it uses electromagnetism rather than visible sensors, the technology is a vast improvement over outdated infrared systems." JUNE I N D U S T RY [ N E W S ]

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