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This section provides information that may be useful in research and development or manufacturing. Content is provided by the companies listed. No endorsement or preference is intended. Issue Focus This section of Inhalation provides information that may be useful in research and development or manufacturing. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended. Nasal Delivery, Nebulizers aND soft Mist iNhalers NGI+ for a wider range of applications MSP, a Division of TSI, is excited to bring you the NGI+ in the fall of 2020! e NGI+ cascade impactor provides enhanced chemical and biological resis- tance and allows for more robust cleaning methods, enabling a wider range of applications—including advancements in biologic applications and nebulizers. It may also be backwards-compatible with your exist- ing NGI. To be notified when the NGI+ is available for sale, sign up at: MSP, a division of TSI US: +1 651 287-8100 End-to-end service Recipharm Inhalation Solutions™ offers end-to-end service for inhalation products, from early stage devel- opment through commercial manufacturing. With access to specialized equipment and technologies at our pilot facility, our team has the technical capability to work with different devices, combinations, APIs and suspension concentrations, as well as assist with the seamless transfer of projects from small- to large- scale production. Recipharm Sweden: +46 8 602 52 00 Nasal formulation and analytical development Catalent provides comprehensive nasal formulation and analytical development services for both liquid and powder unit-dose nasal devices, as well as tra- ditional multi-dose liquid nasal sprays. Supported by extensive analytical capabilities, Catalent offers routine nasal testing and all of the product character- ization studies necessary for regulatory requirements. With non-GMP and GMP facilities, including potent and controlled-drug handling, Catalent provides fill- ing for formulation feasibility testing and evaluation, supporting both clinical and commercial supply. Catalent US: +1 888 SOLUTION Development to commercialization Proveris Laboratories now offers laboratory services at a cGMP compliance quality level. Following the patented Proveris by Design™ process, method devel- opment, formulation, device evaluation and optimiza- tion, and human-usage screening are offered to support regulatory submissions. CMC analytical drug product characterization, device robustness, and stability stud- ies are also performed. Innovative testing approaches to better predict in vivo performance of OINDPs utilize the industry standard SprayVIEW ® System and new INVIDA™ In Vitro Inhaled Analysis Platforms. Proveris Scientific Corporation US: +1 508 460-8822 Inhalation June 2020 19

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